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The delay time depends on the variety of picture parts included inside a block. The video sign is provided from the delay circuit 2a to a subtractor 2b. Here the distinction between the image signal, and the prediction sign provided via a line 105a branching from an output line one hundred and five of a prediction sign generator 5, is produced, and the difference, i.e. the prediction error sign, is then supplied to a quantizer 3 which capabilities to restrict the variety of possible ranges.

Means for compressive coding of data, mentioned info containing a minimum of information representing mentioned optimum prediction function and data representing a prediction error delivered out of stated predictive coding means when stated optimum prediction operate is used. The code compressor 7 has a knowledge fee matching perform which allows compressed info to be output at a constant information price, and it features a prediction error signal encoder 7-1 linked between line 103a and a multiplexor 7-3, and a motion vector encoder 7-2 related between line 108b and multiplexor 7-3 as shown in FIG. An adaptive coding system based on claim 4 whereby mentioned code size of stated variable word size code is minimal for stated inter-frame prediction and will increase as the norm of said prediction perform increases. An adaptive coding system according to declare 2 whereby stated first evaluation means evaluates stated prediction function by encoding it into a variable word size code which has the minimum code length for the inter-frame prediction.

The motion vector thus determined is the output from the optimum prediction detector 8. ib888 ib888 gaming Many attempts have been made to reinforce the coding efficiency for photos subject to a substantive motion.

Therefore, the reproduced picture sign is transformed by the scan inverter circuit 14 back to the video signal in unique time collection, then the decoded video sign is distributed out on line 214. 10 ib888 is a block diagram showing an embodiment of the predictive decoding system in accordance with the present invention. In the determine, the video sign which has been coded by prediction by means of the predictive coding system of FIG.

This system is the best one for assuring a excessive coding efficiency even for a moving picture. With this movement compensation inter-frame prediction system, for the purpose of sustaining a high effectivity for various actions, many prediction features are used. More notably, a plurality of prediction features corresponding to movements at numerous speeds and in numerous directions are prepared beforehand, and a prediction operate most adaptable for an really occurring movement is used as an optimum function.

Preferably, the motion vector information is coded right into a variable word size code which has the minimal code size for the inter-frame prediction. Specifically, the code size of the variable word length code is minimal for the inter-frame prediction and increases because the norm of the movement vector will increase. In the previous, a comparatively excessive transmission speed was assumed so that it has been thought of that the share of the motion vector information is negligibly small. Consequently, it has been thought of that an optimum prediction which minimizes the quantity of the entire thing of knowledge transmitted may be realized by detecting a motion vector which minimizes the quantity of knowledge representing a prediction error.

The output of the delay circuit 6 is equipped to the prediction signal generator 5 and optimum prediction detector 8 as the domestically decoded sign via strains 106a and 106b, respectively. The prediction signal generator 5 generates a prediction signal through the use of the delayed local decoding signal supplied via line 106a and in accordance with information signifying the optimum prediction operate supplied from the optimum prediction detector 8 by way of strains 108 and 108a, and the generated sign is called the optimum prediction sign as mentioned previously. Determination of the optimum prediction signal is carried out in block models, and predictive coding by utilizing the optimum prediction sign is carried out based on the outcomes of the optimum prediction detection. The optimum prediction detector 8 determines the optimum prediction function by use of the block-formation input video signal equipped by way of line 101b and the delayed local decoding sign from the delay circuit 6 provided by way of line 106b. The delay time of the delay circuit 15 is the same as that of the delay circuit 6 in the predictive coding system and is about one body period. The delayed reproduced video signal is supplied because the supplementary image factor sign to the prediction sign generator 12 via line 215, in order that the prediction signal necessary for the next block is generated within the prediction sign generator 12.